This is the 22nd year that the producers of Anderson Valley have welcomed guests to the valley to celebrate and pay respect to Pinot Noir.


In 2018 the festival was moved to Camp Navarro, an exclusive event and retreat venue located a few miles away from the last vineyard in Anderson Valley and only a few miles away from the stunning Mendocino Coast. This venue brings guests into the magic of the redwood forest, resting alongside of a babbling river and offering accommodations aplenty to ensure everyone can settle in, unwind and really enjoy the Pinot Noir and community of the Anderson Valley wine region.  

Pinot Noir is one of the most challenging wines to get right, so why do winemakers love to work with it? First and foremost, Pinot requires cool-climate growing conditions and is not easy to work with in the vineyard. During the spring delicate buds are susceptible to frost, which is common in Pinot's preferred cool and coastal growing areas. During the summer months thin skins can easily be sunburned and, when harvest arrives, Pinot prefers the precision and care by the human hand to avoid bruising. The producers of Anderson Valley enjoy the challenge and take great care and pride to ensure that our Pinot Noir is taken care of and loved by the most sophisticated of palates. 

We’ll see you in May!